How many times have you lost a loved one in some chronic family crisis?


The mission of the Grief Helpline is to normalize grief in our 'Get Over It' and 'Move On' society. The vision is to give every child, teenager and adult permission to grieve in his or her own way and time through all different types of losses and transitions. Vernessa Blackwell, the Grief Strategist and founder of the Grief Helpline, provides presentations, workshops and keynotes all over the country. Vernessa is also an author and certified grief and joy restoration specialist. Vernessa is a coach for teens and adults coping with different types of loss.  Her speaking programs include information on different ways that people grieve, how children and teens cope with loss differently than adults, how to listen with compassion, strategies and tools for grievers and friends of grievers, stories from her extensive experience as a grief recovery specialist and coach, a wide range of resources and support for children, teens and adults who are coping with grief due to all different types of loss.

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" Vernessa Blackwell,is not only an amazing author she is an inspirational mentor,and phenomenal visionary. Vernessa made this anthology an amazing experience. Thank you for your commitment to excellence and your love for God and his people. Eternally grateful " 

— Gil&Renée Beavers

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 "This collaboration was such a great experience. I am so thankful for the expert advice and wisdom of everyone."

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Through her speaking, Vernessa Blackwell understands the transformative power of grief as well as the deep challenge of losing someone or something you truly love. By honestly and authentically sharing her experience, she is helping countless others find acceptance and peace in their own journey with grief.

Vernessa Blackwell has authored four books that include The Grief Helpline, a journal, a coloring book, and a companion workbook. She is the best selling author of Camouflaged Sisters, Activate 24 Laws to Thrive to Win, and Daily Decisions for Mothers. She has coauthored 6 books which includes the following: Bounce Back, Phenomenal Woman, Head Ladies in Charge, You Are Beautiful, Spiritual Disciplines version 2-3 and version 5-6.


Now nearly two years after the death of her beloved youngest sibling, this author, coach, speaker, workshop facilitator and transformational life coach is gaining a reputation as a courageous voice for those who mourn – either from the death of a loved one or from other profound losses that turn our world upside down.