About Me

Meet ... Vernessa Blackwell, MBA, MCLC, CJRC, CGC

Vernessa Blackwell is an author, and certified grief support and joy restoration coach. The loss of both parents and all her siblings, to include three sisters and a brother, sparked her purposeful journey into coaching. Vernessa is the author of The Grief Helpline. Additionally, she is a mentor, expo host, and speaker.

She is known as “The Grief Strategist”. Dedicated to inspiring and empowering individuals for personal and professional success, Vernessa Blackwell is known for challenging and motivating clients to take action and move forward in grief and life transitions.

She is a passionate, energetic, and charming presenter who engages her audience with inspiring, interactive workshops. She specialized in Joy Restoration Coaching. Vernessa has a heart for serving and wants to see people healed and set free. She has received her healing from the Lord. She understands what you are going through and knows how to get you through it.

Through coaching, training, and mentoring, Vernessa Blackwell offers hope, encouragement, and support as individuals navigate the challenges and adversities of life and loss. She is the founder of the Grief Helpline.

She conducts presentations, offers workshops, in-service training, assemblies, classroom programs and keynotes on topics pertaining to grief in the lives of  children, teens and adults faced with different types of loss. 

Vernessa Blackwell serves as a grief consultant and grief counselor for teenagers, adults, families, groups and for communities following a loss of any type. Vernessa has an office in Southern Maryland. She provides sessions via Skype and by phone, and also makes home visits or community calls as a consultant. She conducts presentations and training programs throughout the U.S. and Canada. 

She created the Essential Grief Relief Kit to help individuals get to the Other Side of Grief.