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Take my hand…together let's get to the other side of grief. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Let me help you overcome your overwhelming grief from losing a loved one. Let me help you find the peace and strength to move on, live life and find joy again.

Are you devastated? Has your world been turned upside down? Have you lost hope of ever being happy again? Are you having a hard time moving beyond the loss of a loved one?


Feeling overwhelmed, stuck, and unable to move forward?

You may think that you will never feel normal again.  Believe me. You will. I’ve been there.


In fact, before I discovered what I reveal in my training, I was exactly where you are now.

  • I felt depressed and devastated after losing my dad in 1984. I then lost my husband to divorce and was forced into bankruptcy. In 1994, I rejoined  the military and things were looking up. I finally found a job, but then I lost my mom to cancer. I felt alone and physically ill and no one seemed to understand.

  • I was born into a family of five and in 2005, I lost my older sister, Cheetah. In 2007, the love of my life was killed in a car accident. In 2009, I  lost my one and only brother, Gary to a heart attack.

  • Grief had me reeling out of control. In 2012, my oldest sister passed away and lo and behold, in 2014, my youngest sister, Lish passed away. All of my siblings and my parents are gone.

  • This started my journey to coaching and helping others recover from grief.

  • I was left to somehow pick up the pieces and take care of my kids in a world where we are encouraged to quickly get “closure” and “move on”, urged to “let go”, often leaving us feeling isolated and alone.


Here’s what I want you to know. Grief, happiness and joy can co-exist.

You have the ability to heal. Having someone to support and guide you through the dark days helps in the process. If you have experienced the pain and trauma of loss and are struggling, I can help. Together, we can manage what you’re going through in a way that honors your loved one, by living a full and richer life.

Grief is unique for each person and the intensity and duration are different for each of us.  Losses are never simple. They come with a host of different feelings that can totally consume us at times.  Your feelings are valid. You are not going crazy. Trust me.


Emotional pain can be like an infection. It may scab over, but it will keep festering until you do the work to heal it.


The relationship with your loved one is not over. It’s just changed. I can help you re-create your life and stand in your truth, a strong and empowered woman who is winning at life.

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That’s why I created the Other Side of Grief , a 3 month one on one coaching program that will help you learn to live with your loss, by honoring your loved one by living a full and richer life.


What you walk away with:

  • Learning to live with your loss, by honoring your loved one by living a richer and fuller life

  • The ability to stay more present in the moment and enjoy NOW more fully

  • Detailed action steps to reclaim your life and find joy and happiness again

  • The feeling of being in control of your life, so that you have less stress and anxiety

  • Being more in tune to your feelings, so that you can have more happiness and peace

  • The ability to ask for what you want/need in your life, so you can revitalized relationships with healthy boundaries

I thought that I would be heartbroken for the rest of my life.

  • I tried to keep my pain and feelings to myself, afraid that they would take over. My life was on autopilot and I was barely surviving.

  • Five years later, it all came to a head and I crumbled. I found out that I had to do the work to heal.

  • I had to rip off scabs from years of suffering and acknowledge the pain.

I took the long, hard way to heal.  I do not want that for you.  I am sharing my story because I want to help you as you take this journey.

Get the benefit from my experience. Take advantage of this one of a kind all-encompassing program that will take you from stuck and overwhelm to loving life and regaining hope and possibilities!

Your program will be personalized to fit your specific needs and goals.  Here is what you can expect:

  • Pre-coaching discovery form to help you identify your goals, values, fears, strengths, resources, aspirations, so I know exactly where to start helping you.

  • One on one sessions over 6 months – we’ll explore the rules you make up around grief, what you’ve gained and lost as a result of your loss, and identity exploration around what needs to shift in order for you to move forward with confidence and clarity.

  • All of your sessions will be recorded, so you don’t miss a thing!

  • Start thriving and not just surviving.

  • Unlimited email support during our six months of work together, so that you know that you have someone to support you on your journey.

  • An in-depth understanding of your inner critic and specific strategies for reducing negative self-talk so that you can improve your overall health.

  • The identification of one or more limited beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goals, so that you can be more confident and happy.

I created this program when I realized how much hurt, anger, guilt and pain people had around the topic of grief.

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I am here for you. If you are ready, I can help you adjust and move forward — to live again, to feel hopeful, and ultimately to define a new type of connection with the one you’ve lost.

I love helping people with this delicate topic,

Your happiness could be just a click away. Let’s chat.


MBA, Business Management

Certified Life Coach

Certified Grief 

Certified Joy Restoration Coach

Veteran served in the Army for 24 years 


I can only work with a few people at a time, and only have a few spots left.


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