Shock and denial

January 22, 2017


Shock and denial are two of the first things a person may encounter when tragedy occurs. Actually, God uses them to protect us from devastation. To illustrate, consider an automobile's shock absorbers. They're designed to cushion the vehicle from unexpected bumps in the road. Without them, the car would fall apart from the violent blows encountered during its travels. People are often the same way. We're traveling on the road of life, and most of the time we're not expecting bumps or potholes. So when they suddenly show up, we're not ready for them. The Holy Spirit—our God-given "shock absorber"—cushions the blow until we can readjust and adapt our thinking to accommodate the sudden change in the ride. Shock and denial are normal if they're temporary; however, they become a major problem if people permanently refuse to face reality and learn how to deal with them. 

anent misery, which is what self-anger and self-blame will do. 

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