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Keep Calm

People have often confided in me how discouraging it is when others make them feel like their faith isn't good enough during these times. I believe it takes more faith to go through something victoriously than to be delivered from it. There are some who experience complete deliverance from grief after a huge loss, but that doesn't happen to everybody. There are others, and I might even say most of us, who go through very emotionally difficult times when tragic loss occurs. Those who are walking in faith come out of it, and they come out of it better than when they went in. In closing, let me say, "Do not lose your hope!" If you are hurting right now due to a loss in your life, I want to tell you that a new beginning is in front of you. You may go through some things that you'll never understand, but trust God to work them out for your good. What Satan intends for your harm, God can turn around for your good!Repeat after me. I am a survivor, I am an overcomer. Speak this over your life on a daily basis. Always remember your words have power give them life.